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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Alpha Chapter 

Founded on the campus of Howard University, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Alpha Chapter is the birthplace of the first college sorority for Black women. Established by 16 coeds and incorporated in 1913, our Sorority’s mission is “to be supreme in service to all mankind." Alpha Chapter remains committed to excellence in all endeavors, as envisioned by our Founders. Today, Alpha Chapter continues at the forefront of scholarship and service on campus and in our community



Under the leadership  of International President Danette Anthony Reed, our service targets include: 

1. Strengthen Our Sisterhood 

2. Empower Our Families

3. Build Our Economic Wealth

4. Enhance Our Environment

5. Advocate for Social Justice

6. Uplift Our Local Community


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.:

North Atlantic Region:

Howard University:


115 Years Of Service To All Mankind

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated 


The first chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, properly named Alpha Chapter, was established on the campus of Howard University on January 15, 1908. Alpha Chapter was founded by sixteen exceptional young ladies, nine juniors and seven sophomores. The founders were exceptional not only for their ability to envision such a dynamic sisterhood, but also for their individual commitments towards bettering the social condition of the African Diaspora. Later in 1909, the first Ivy Day was celebrated on the campus of Howard University, and was well attended by faculty and students. From 1908 to 1913, Alpha Chapter was the only chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, and thrived on the campus of Howard University. Its members hosted events and participated in various service-oriented organizations on campus, setting a precedent for future sororities on Howard's campus. Today, the legacy of each of the founders serves as a benchmark for those who desire to fervently contribute to the success of the sisterhood. Moreover, for those placed in the unique position of passing through Alpha Chapter, the commitment and dedication to upholding the esteemed principle of “Service to All Mankind” is especially poignant.


With respect to the personal accomplishments of the sorority’s founders and incorporators, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle was not only the first college-educated woman to teach in Oklahoma, but she was the first woman in Oklahoma to receive a Teacher’s Life Certificate. Lucy Diggs Slowe was the first female principal of Shaw Junior High School in Washington, D.C. and the first Dean of Women at Howard University. Anna Easter Brown established an annual Negro History Exhibit within her community in North Carolina. Beulah Elizabeth Burke was dedicated to higher education and attended both the University of Chicago and Columbia University, where she received a Master’s degree in Home Economics.Nellie Quander, the first National President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, contributed the added dimension of a national organization by spearheading the incorporation of the sisterhood as a perpetual body. These accomplishments unmistakably illustrate our founders’ dedication to the organization’s goals. Their torch has now been passed to the current members of Alpha Chapter. 

Since the sorority’s inception, the sisters of Alpha Chapter have worked arduously to uphold the legacy of the founders, while blazing new trails and reaching new heights of “Alpha Excellence.” Alpha Chapter has been recognized and revered for her ability to produce relevant and innovative programs, initiatives and service activities, all of which are designed to educate and galvanize the Howard University and surrounding community. 

One such initiative began during the 1986-1987 academic year. Then presiding Alpha Chapter President, Malena R. Calvin-Rance, wanted to raise awareness on world hunger and homelessness and provide an opportunity for students to contribute to the solution. From her vision spawned the Malena R. Calvin Rance 48-hour Stop Hunger Fast. Through this initiative, the ladies of Alpha Chapter have partnered with Africare, the oldest and largest African-American organization devoted to development in Africa. Now in its twenty-second year, the Chapter continues to nurture this long-lasting relationship with the global organization. In Fall 2009, the Chapter re-implemented the 48-hour Stop Hunger Fast and began three new event initiatives to aid in raising money for Africare: the Care for AfrAKA Fashion Show, Balle African Party, and Care for AfrAKA Bowl-a-Thon. 

In 2006, Alpha Chapter launched its first annual Stop the Violence Rally and Conference targeting inner city youth by expressing the importance of putting an end to gun violence. The program was initiated after a notable amount of shooting occurred in local D.C. public schools. Alpha Chapter has been recognized by Howard University, the North Atlantic Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, and the national body of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated for her achievements. Today, Alpha Chapter continues to work with D.C. area schools to help end gun and domestic violence through the Stop the Violence initiative.

Alpha Chapter continues to further our Founders’ vision of Alpha Excellence! Through the years, Alpha Chapter has received several awards to include Highest Chapter GPA; annual induction into the North Atlantic Region’s  4.0 Club; North Atlantic Region Undergraduate Chapter of the Year; North Atlantic Region Graduate Advisor of the Year; First Place -North Atlantic Regional Conference Step Show; Howard University Organization of the Year; Howard University Sorority of the Year; First Place -Howard University Homecoming Step Show.


In 2018, Alpha Chapter received the most distinguished sorority honor- The International Presidential Award for Global Impact, which was presented by our 29th International President, Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson. Alpha Chapter is also a 2018-2019 award-winning Platinum Level contributor to the Educational Advancement Foundation, our sorority’s 501(c)(3) organization that provides funding for scholarships, academic fellowships and community service programs. Ever reflective on its past and working steadfast for an even greater future, Alpha Chapter, for over a century, is still going strong and will always carry on.


  • Spring 1965 — "The Incomparable 25"

  • Spring 1966 — "The Invincible 28" 

  • Spring 1967 — Tareyton 33 

  • Spring 1968 — Incessant 33 

  • Spring 1969 — Approximately 25 

  • Spring 1970 — Esoteric 28

  • Spring 1971 — Exclusively 27

  • Spring 1973 — Seldom Seen 19

  • Spring 1974 — Super-Fine 9+9 

  • Spring 1975 — Where Have You Been 10+10 

  • Spring 1976 — Sweet Sixteen (Late Great 8 Plus 8)

  • Spring 1977 — 30 Pearls for 30 Girls 

  • Spring 1978 — The Foxy and Fine 49

  • Spring 1979 — Tenaciously Entwined 29

  • Spring 1981 — Portentous Twist of 46 

  • Spring 1982 — 33 Prisms of A Flame Rekindled

  • Spring 1983 — 22 Gifts Perpetuating an Eternal Dream 

  • Spring 1984 — 26 Imprescriptive Facets of Perfection

  • Spring 1986 — 38 Jewels of Iridescent Splendor

  • Spring 1987 — 33 Quintessential Gems of Grandeur

  • Spring 1988 — 35 Survivors of An Interrupted Dream 

  • Spring 1990 — 53 Diamonds of Infinite Strength 

  • Spring 1994 — 128 Daughters of A New Dawn 

  • Spring 1996 — 52 Jewels of Pearlescent Perfection 

  • Spring 1998 — 47 Emeralds of Ninety Virtuous Years (E.N.V.Y.) 

  • Spring 2000 — 61 Exemplary Ladies In A Triumphant Era (E.L.I.T.E.)

  • Spring 2001 — 54 Destined Invincible Visions Yearning For Noble Existence (D.I.V.Y.N.E.)

  • Spring 2005 — 137 Pearls of Resplendency Illuminating the Virtues of Yesteryear (P.R.I.V.Y.)

  • Spring 2007 — 92 Rare Emeralds Flawlessly Illuminating Necessary Elegance and Distinction (R.E.F.I.N.E.D.)

  • Spring 2009 — 63 Pristine Reflections of Optimum Devotion Inheriting the Grace of Yore (P.R.O.D.I.G.Y.) 

  • Spring 2010 — 62 Virtues Ascending to a Legacy Inheriting Another Noble Triumph (V.A.L.I.A.N.T.)

  • Spring 2013 __ 50 Renascent Emeralds Invoking Grandeur and Nobility (R.E.I.G.N.)

  • Spring 2014 __ 48 Paragons of Resilient Inspiration Magnifying a Cultivated Yearning (P.R.I.M.A.C.Y.)

  • Spring 2016 __ 50 Adorned Luminescent Legends Unifying Radiant Excellence (A.L.L.U.R.E.)

  • Spring 2018 __ 49 Prestigious Heiresses Exuding a New Order of Majesty (P.H.E.N.O.M.)

  • Spring 2020 __ 51 Visions of Acclaim Navigating Influential and Transcendent Years (V.A.N.I.T.Y.)

  • Spring 2022 __ 75 Rich Epitomes of Notable Opulence and Wondrous Novelty (R.E.N.O.W.N.)

Alpha Chapter Officers

Morgann Phillips
Myah Williams
Financial Secretary
Noelle Smith
Assistant Financial Secretary
Skylar Mooyoung
1st Vice President
Mikayla Hutchinson
Journey Jamison
Noelle Bryant
Sydney Stuart
2nd Vice President
Angela Leal
Mariah Cooley
Corresponding Secretary
Corinne Dorsey
Ivy Leaf Reporter
Madison Tyler
Assistant Secretary
Nya Christian
Summer Jackson
Sergeant of Arms



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